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" Wild Deer Best Practice (WDBP) is the benchmark by which stalking is measured whether by stalkers, the public or Government. As such WDBP demands the highest quality trainers to deliver and coach at WDBP events. Professional Sporting Solutions have more than met these standards when coaching on practical and theoretical firearms skills and rifle maintenance. Their knowledgeable, professional yet practical approach has ensured that WDBP participants have returned wiser and more confident in their firearm skills. "

Alastair MacGugan

Wildlife Management Team

" Bradley's courses were professionally undertaken and very informative. He is knowledgeable with regards to firearms and their handling. He has good communication skills, and his delivery to the students was clear and concise. In addition, his approachable manner made his students feel comfortable in their learning. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their marksmanship. "

Alastair Boston

North of England Deer Liaison Officer

" The British Deer Society (BDS) is a registered charity who’s brief is deer welfare. The majority of BDS members are deer stalkers. It is important that BDS offers its members the opportunity to improve their rifle skills to ensure clean and efficient culling of deer, with a quality venison carcass being delivered into the human food chain. BDS Highland Branch have partnered with Professional Sporting Solutions (PSS) to deliver training in the effective use of deer rifles and to understand the performance of ammunition under different situations and conditions. PSS have delivered the highest quality of training in the techniques required to get the best from the modern rifle/ammunition combination. BDS Highland Branch and PSS are moving forward to develop more advanced rifle skills training, together with awareness of the requirements for qualification towards DSC2. "

Mike Cottam

Secretary, BDS Highland Branch

" As a Quality Director within the Aerospace Industry I’m used to setting and working to extremely high standards. I was looking for a similar high standard in a Rifle training course as I wanted to improve my ability at longer ranges, although i would never take a Deer at such long ranges, its nice to know you have the ability to take such a shot if required. After reading an article in the British Deer Society journey, I booked myself onto a Rifle Marksmanship Development course being held by Professional Sporting Solutions and run by Bradley Bourner over 3 days in May 2014. I have been shooting now for over 10 years and consider myself to be of a reasonable ability behind a Rifle, but I have always kept an open mind and had the rule to never stopped learning, the Professional Sporting Solutions course was no exception to this rule!

Bradley’s training philosophy and knowledge of Rifle Marksmanship was second to none. From covering the basics in Safety and Safe handling, Rifle fit, Setup and positioning behind the Rifle, Zeroing of scope and Calibration, to the more complex areas such as applied ballistics, altitude, wind and angles to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of the external ballistics phase of the bullet as it leaves the Rifle. This was coupled with theory based lectures in the evening on various subjects to support practical events during the day, after of course going through rifle maintenance and cleaning process. Bradley has a real ability to help people understand the basics and how the simple things can effect the point at which you pull the trigger. A pleasure to be in his company, he’s also a dab hand in the kitchen and cooks a mean breakfast and an even better evening meal!

I would definitely recommend Professional Sporting Solutions, under Bradley’s tuition, to any novice or experienced Deer Stalker, Hunter or Target Shooter wishing to improve their abilities behind a Rifle. I certainly felt my own ability improve each day over the 3 days, accurately shooting out to 1100m and will be revisiting Bradley in 2015 for further a marksmanship development training event. The scenery alone in the glens will take your breath away!! Thanks once again Brad for a truly fantastic 3 days!!! "

Rich Howe, North Wales

Quality Director and Shooter

" Shooting experience, Member of GB F Class Rifle Team participating in World Championship’s in Raton USA in 2013, competitor on winning Rutland Team in F Class European Championships 2013. Participated in numerous tactical / precision rifle shooting competitions in Czech Republic for a number of years. Recreational deerstalker for over twenty years.

I have attended courses organized and run by Brad with the specific intention of increasing my own ability to shoot accurately and consistently in competition and in wildlife management scenarios.
I found the courses were well constructed, specific to my needs and delivered at a level that I found easy to understand. Brad spends time with each student and is able to see areas for development and correct mistakes quickly and efficiently.

His shooting ability, quiet professionalism and military provenance are second to none and I firmly believe that anyone undertaking instruction will receive substantial benefit and see improvement no matter how experienced they are.

I look forward to the opportunity of participating in advanced courses. "

Andy Massingham

Rural Police and Wildlife Officer

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